Founders And History

J. Baptiste & MIGABO Michael

SENGA Jean Baptiste and MIGABO Michael, started working with street children in 2013 as with out any outside support, by using their personal time and limited income from their jobs .

Their vision was to support street boys and girls in gaining access to education, health care, nutrition, safety and love. This effort grew and led to the official launch of a local NGO in March 2019.

Uncounted hundreds of children still live on the street in Rwanda and this problem also exists in the bordering countries. These children are categorized into two groups: street-based and home-based . Street-based children are those who spend most days and nights on the street and are essentially without family support. Home-based children are those children who spend much of the days on the street but have some limited family support and usually return home at night with no guarantee sufficient food or that the family can afford the required school fees. Primary school in Rwanda requires school uniforms and school supplies to be purchased by the parents.

.. Some home-based children do not attend school because they are forced by their parents to beg for food and money in the streets, to help support the family.









Meet Our Team

Our Staff Member

Senga J.Baptiste

CEO & Founder

Mahoro Benitha

Co-Founder & Relations Manager

Migabo Michel

Depute Founder

Biramba Safari